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Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group (AVSG) is a coalition of individually owned veterinary specialty practices that offer leading edge diagnostics and treatment from Orange County’s best board-certified specialists.

For 24/7 Emergency Care: (949) 653-9300

Our Veterinary Specialty Services

Internal Medicine – Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine

Count on Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine (AVIM) to help pets that struggle with illnesses that are chronic, complex, and/or complicated. As Orange County’s only specialty practice exclusively dedicated to providing expertise in Internal Medicine, we’re focused on getting to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. Our specific experience, plus the use of sophisticated diagnostic technologies, gives us the ability to select and implement the most practical and effective solutions.

Board-certified Veterinary Specialists:

Cynthia Duesberg, DVM, DACVIM

Victoria Vorathavorn, DVM, DACVIM

Laura Najaman, DVM, DACVECC

Practice Limited to Internal Medicine:

Kerrie Chung, DVM

Michelle Cieplucha, DVM

Surgery – Veterinary Surgical Specialists

With over 50 years of surgical experience, Veterinary Surgical Specialists (VSS) has the most skillful and technically advanced teams of board-certified surgeons in Orange County. With expertise in orthopedic, soft tissue, minimally invasive, emergency, neurologic, oncologic, and cardio/thoracic procedures, we are the resource veterinarians across the region refer to when they want the very best care for their patients.

Board-certified Veterinary Surgeons:

Diane Craig, DVM, DACVS

Tony Cambridge, DVM, DACVS

Peter Sebestyen, DVM, DACVS

Practice Limited to Surgery 

Amy Zide, DVM

Oncology – Veterinary Cancer Group

Serving Southern California for over 20 years, Veterinary Caner Group (VCG) is one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated oncology groups in the world. We are passionately committed to improving the lives of pets with cancer by providing a wide range of treatment options that may include on-site chemotherapy, targeted radiation therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, clinical trials, and/or grief support.

Board-certified Veterinary Oncologists:

Sara Fiocchi, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Julie Bulman-Fleming, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Susie Kang, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Mona Rosenberg, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

David Bommarito, DVM, MS, DACVR (Radiation Oncology), DACVIM (Oncology)

Dermatology – Animal Dermatology Clinic

Using the latest research, treatments, and technology, Animal Dermatology Clinic (ADC) specialists are trained to recognize and diagnose a variety of skin diseases afflicting both cats and dogs such as allergic skin disease, chronic and severe skin and ear disease, immune-mediated and hormonal skin disease, and more. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients and their pets though compassionate and technologically advanced care.

Board-certified Veterinary Dermatologists:

Wayne Rosenkrantz, DVM, DACVD

Rusty Muse, DVM, DACVD

Colleen Medelsohn, DVM, DACVD

Kimberly Lo, DVM, DACVD

Dentistry – Animal Dental Services

Animal Dental Services (ADS) provides advanced dental care utilizing state-of-the art technology in diagnostics and treatment. Our services include anesthesia, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, radiographs, surgery, oral tumors, tooth resorption and fractions, and more. We treat each animal with compassion and respect while improving the quality of their life through proper dental diagnosis and treatment.

Board-certified veterinary dentistry specialist:

Erin Van Nice, DVM, DAVDS

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